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Vegan BBQ

New BBQ pack is here

With Summer nearly upon us and some nice weather about its you guessed it BBQ season.

As you walk about, in our case taking the dogs fro a walk you can smell all the different foods cooking. In most cases burning.

Being meat free, plant based, vegan for whatever diet you follow you sometimes want more than just some corn on the cob (we love it by the way) or veggies on skewers.

We have put together a tasty (well we think so) BBQ pack for all you meat reducers/ vegans or meat free curious (is that a saying yet?( out there.

We have included in all the packs:

Meetlyke Bratwurst sausages, some of the best Vegan Bratwursts we have tried

Schlagfix Salad mayonnaise, we think this one of the best dairy free mayo you can get.

You then get a choice of a burger pack from Sgaia and a salad dressing from Follow Your heart.

Go on why miss out on tasty food just because its  BBQ CLICK HERE to see it in the shop

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