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Honestly Tasty Herbivorsin – 115g


Coming soon, why not pre- order Honestly Tasty Herbivorsin Herbivorsin from Honestly Tasty is their vegan alternative to Boursin (Herbi-vorsin geddit?) They have recreated the signature summer cheese right down to the texture, slightly crumbly while still creamy, and mixed it with the perfect blend of garlic, chives and fresh parsley. Ideal spread on bread …
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Honestly Tasty Insteddah Cheddah – 125g


Coming soon, why not pre- order Honestly Tasty Insteddah Cheddah Insteddah Cheddah from Honestly Tasty is a spreadable mature cheddar alternative. Boasting a sharp and tangy taste. Insteaddah Cheddah can be used as part of a silky cheese sauce or spread into a hearty ploughman’s. Keep refrigerated Keeps for 12 days but can be frozen …
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Honestly Tasty Shamembert – 160g


Coming soon, why not pre- order Honestly Tasty Shamembert Shamembert from Honestly Tasty has quickly becoming our best seller, Shamemberts are the real deal. A staple for any cheeseboard, Shamemberts have an indulgently creamy centre, infused with truffle oil to create rich, earthy tones. Styled on Camembert, Shamemberts have an authentic rind which makes them perfect for baking, ideally with a …
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Honestly Tasty Veganzola – 100g


Coming soon, why not pre- order Honestly Tasty Veganzola This Veganzola is an authentically blue gorgonzola style cheese from Honestly Tasty Matured over several weeks and made with real Penicillium Roqueforti, This is a something new. A smooth but firm almond based cheese with the distinct blue taste you’ve been missing. Veganzola was Honestly Tasty’s …
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